Comprehending Cannabis: Beyond the Realm of Religion, Party Lines, and Common Sense

Comprehending Cannabis: Beyond the Realm of Religion, Party Lines, and Common Sense

By Denton Ramsey

Talking about cannabis—both the plant’s medicinal use and responsible recreational use—goes well beyond party lines.

In fact, there are likely a handful of both Democrats and Republicans who back medical marijuana and/or the complete legalization of cannabis.

This topic, which U.S. Presidents have time and time again laughed off and continue to disregard, goes beyond religion as well.

Whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or atheist, this war on drugs—and more specifically, this ongoing prohibition of a plant called cannabis—affects everyone.

But speaking of religion, it has also been historically noted that cannabis use dates back to Moses and the time of Christ, and was a key ingredient in the anointing oil both Jesus and His disciples used to help and heal the sick.

Personally, as a Christian, its fairly easy and not too far-fetched for me to believe in both the miracles of Jesus as well as the healing and medicinal powers of cannabis.

However, I digress.

Putting those who use marijuana, whether medicinally or recreationally, behind bars also goes beyond common sense.

Look at the facts, ladies and gentlemen.

Legalizing cannabis should be a foregone conclusion.

Why was this plant ever made illegal in the first place (for those unaware, history points to racism and government lies)?

And why do the leaders of this country refuse to accept both the medical value and blatant proof that this plant should be legalized (for an honest answer, think about U.S. soldiers and their “public views” on the war compared to their own personal beliefs)?

It’s time to do what America should have done over 40 years ago.

It’s time to legalize cannabis, both for medicinal use and for responsible adults to use (no different than your everyday politician enjoying an evening whiskey on the rocks or a Shiner Bock).

It’s time to treat marijuana the same way we treat alcohol.

Legalize it.

Learn about it.

Regulate it.

Tax it.

And allow this plant’s medical value to help and heal millions of people in America and beyond.

Regardless of what this country ultimately decides to do regarding cannabis, one thing remains clear and certain: the time has come to both decriminalize and legalize the use of marijuana.


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