Cannabis Fear Factor: Stop the Lies, Reefer Madness; Legalize It!

Cannabis Fear Factor: Stop the Lies, Reefer Madness; Legalize It!

By Denton Ramsey

The more and more I read, learn, and become enthralled in this hot box topic called “marijuana legalization,” the more and more I get frustrated.

In fact, it’s straight-up infuriating.

Many (and likely, most) Americans have no clue whatsoever about the history of cannabis and its eventual prohibition.

To steal a line from X-Files creator Chris Carter, “the truth is out there.”

It’s in print too.

To make a long story short, our government has been lying to us for years, shoving a handful of BS reefer madness down every orifice possible, whenever possible.

Let’s stop the lies and take a fearless step in the right direction by standing up for our right to free speech.

It’s time to legalize cannabis in America.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again.

Legalize marijuana, and numerous “drug war” problems go away.

Here’s an even better idea: let’s end this continually failing war on drugs and turn to what President Barack Obama claims is a better choice: rehabilitation clinics.

Let’s stop putting non-violent drug offenders behind bars and get them into clinics where they can get help and clean up instead.

Let’s quit labeling cannabis consumers as criminals.

And let’s change the way this country thinks about and views this God-made plant called cannabis.

To be honest, I hate the word “marijuana;” mainly because it’s a coined-term by politicians meant to strike fear in white Americans and to associate the “loco weed” with Hispanics.

Sadly, some things never change in that regard.

To this day, a majority of those arrested and incarcerated for pot are black or Latino; yet research proves that Caucasians smoke cannabis more than both African Americans and Hispanics.

Wake up, America!

I hope and pray this rose-colored goggle view of cannabis ends soon.

It gives me hope knowing there are now 15 states (along with the District of Columbia) in this United States of America with legal medical marijuana.

And it gives me even more hope that a handful of states have complete cannabis legalization possibilities on upcoming bills.

Let’s get cannabis legalized in just one state for now.

Baby steps will lead to a domino effect in this war against a plant, and those who decide on a safer alternative in cannabis.

Alcohol and tobacco kills thousands annually.

Cannabis kills no one; never has and never will.

Look at the facts, ladies and gentlemen.

Then, follow your heart and do the right thing as an American citizen: legalize cannabis.


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