From PING Nonsense to More Reefer Madness, Let’s Stop the Blatant Lies

From PING Nonsense to More Reefer Madness, Let’s Stop the Blatant Lies

By Denton Ramsey, NORML of Waco Inc. Director of Volunteers

It’s just a typical day in this ongoing BS war on drugs and continual prohibition of a plant called cannabis.

And that means more reefer madness and government lies, along with a Phoenix, Arizona golf club manufacturer trying to force a legitimate medical cannabis dispensary out of it’s general area—and threatening to move it’s facility to another state if the evil pot shop doesn’t shut it’s doors and leave.

Give me a break!

Toke by toke and swing by swing, it’s time to get rid of everything PING.

PING compares medical cannabis dispensaries to that of strip clubs and sex stores.

And by no means am I saying those freedoms shouldn’t be allowed as well.

But to say strip clubs are okay, but people picking up their cannabis medications is not okay IS CLEARLY WRONG.

Not only that, but what right does PING think it has to step into a local and state-matter by making such threats in the first place?

You know what? If I lived near that farking facility, I’d probably call the damn place and clearly let them know, “go ahead and leave; we don’t want your segregation and discrimination in our city.”

However, I don’t recommend that action.

The last thing any of us need to do as activists is to throw baby-chatter back towards our opponents.

Instead, let’s educate the masses and teach the world the truth about cannabis.

Let’s stop the blatant lies and learn more about this plant.

And let’s not give up until cannabis is fully legal and those who consume this plant are treated as equal citizens.

Cannabis consumers are not second-class citizens.

They’re not criminals.

They’re not even harming a soul.

In fact, they’re likely PREVENTING cancer and are choosing a safer alternative than alcohol or prescription medication.

They’re also likely TRULY suffering from REAL medical issues, and cannabis TRULY DOES help alleviate the daily aches, pains, nausea, and more associated with those ailments.

When the facts are laid on the table, it’s mind-blowing as to why cannabis remains illegal.

Want to do something?

Get involved with your local chapter of NORML or other pro-cannabis group.

Call your local representatives and tell them you want changes to current laws regarding cannabis.

And most importantly, get out there and vote.

Let your voice be heard, and together we can and ultimately will win this battle to become treated as equals.

Cannabis is truly God’s medicine to man, and it’s time we embrace this plant with open arms…


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