Big Pharma Wants Me On More Pills; Canna-Meds are Safer, More Effective

Big Pharma Wants Me On More Pills; Canna-Meds are Safer, More Effective

By Denton Ramsey, NORML of Waco Inc. Director of Volunteers

If the pharmaceutical companies had things it’s way, we’d all be on ubber-expensive prescription pills—while any and all natural remedies would be or remain illegal.

Sadly, Big Pharma truly feels that way about us as American citizens.

“Here, take this; don’t worry that the side-effects outweigh the effectiveness.”

What a bunch of bull shiz.

Here’s reality: cannabis cures and treats hundreds of ailments.

Cannabis, unlike often-addicting prescriptions, also doesn’t kill it’s users.

In fact, cannabis saves lives—not takes lives.

With allergies flaring up like crazy, along with the chronic and constant cramps associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I have no doubt that Big Pharma would prefer me taking numerous pills for the aforementioned conditions.

However, cannabis treats the nausea and nastiness that comes along with allergies; it relieves my continual cramping; and it does a phenomenal job of taking away the pain.

Why, and how, does this plant remain illegal?

I, like many other cannabis users out there, am beyond certain that this plant helps alleviate my daily aches and pains, and is much more effective than the pills Big Pharma wants me on.

Don’t believe me?

Watch some documentaries on the plant this week or as soon as possible.

I’d recommend starting with “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High.”

Next, check out “American Drug War: The Last White Hope.”

And if you have time, watch “How Weed Won the West” also.

All three of those films are available on Netflix or other video stores.

I digress; back to Big Pharma.

Here’s the point: our government would prefer it’s citizens on pharmaceutical drugs over a safe and God-made plant in cannabis.

Does that sound wrong to anyone else but me?


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