Quit Calling K-2 ‘Synthetic Marijuana’: Cannabis is Safer!

Quit Calling K-2 ‘Synthetic Marijuana’: Cannabis is Safer!

By Denton Ramsey, NORML of Waco Inc. Director of Volunteers

If there’s one thing driving me crazier than this war against a plant, it’s the nonsense of people tying in the latest K-2 smoking craze to cannabis.

First and foremost, K-2 IS NOTHING LIKE CANNABIS.


You might as well compare K-2 to chemically-laced lettuce.

Wake the fark up!

However, our local Associated Press and other media outlets constantly refer to the latest legal smoking craze as “synthetic marijuana.”


So does that make 5-Hour Energy “synthetic speed?”

Is over-the-counter cough syrup now “synthetic LSD?”

Give me a break.

It would make more sense to call O’Doul’s Amber a “synthetic beer” regardless of the beverage being non-alcoholic.

K-2 is not cannabis.

It’s not weed.

It’s not marijuana.

In fact, it’s not even the same species.

K-2 is a government-grown plant sprayed with chemicals that users turn to in order to pass drug screens or get away with doing something “legal.”

Plain and simple: this K-2 craze, ladies and gentlemen, is a product of prohibition.

Legalize cannabis, and this bull shiz with K-2 goes away.

And if your argument is doing this “for the kids,” I have a question for you: would you rather have your sons and daughters smoking something legal in K-2 “incense,” or smoking something safer in cannabis?

Look at the facts and you’ll also soon realize that cannabis is not only a true medicine that has been used for centuries, but it’s also a safer alternative.

Cannabis is safer than alcohol.

Safer than prescription pills.

Even safer than water.

Quit labeling K-2 as “synthetic cannabis” and call it what it really is: a new and legal drug people are using as a result of this prohibition of a plant.



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