Advocates vs. Adversaries: Education Remains Vital as Cannabis Crusade Continues

Advocates vs. Adversaries: Education Remains Vital as Cannabis Crusade Continues

By Denton Ramsey

When it comes to advocates against adversaries of this often-debated medicinal plant, two words remain vital in this ongoing fight: cannabis education.

Most of the time, albeit sad yet true, adversaries of marijuana are plain and simply uneducated about the plant.

A majority of what adversaries of cannabis turn to in arguing against legalization revolves around health, FDA-approval, and safety for children.

Unfortunately, mass media outlets hurt the cannabis cause as well.

For example, I recently received a Google alert talking about an infant being hospitalized “after ingesting medical marijuana.”

If this child had swallowed pharmaceutical pills, it likely would have lead to death: no headline hypocrisy; just another sad story about a baby getting into a medicine cabinet resulting in another loss of life at the hands of Big Pharma.

When will we, as American citizens, wake up and realize the nonsense of this all?

The year 2012 looms, and regardless of this country’s magnificent strides in many areas, the United States of America is still decades behind when it comes to this ridiculous war on a plant.

Despite America’s marijuana adversaries and this country’s shortcomings on the war on drugs, cannabis legalization is right around the corner.

It will happen; and it will happen soon.

When it comes to medicinal or recreational use, cannabis remains the safest alternative—regardless of the plant’s “schedule one” placement.

And with countries around the world calling for an end to this hypocritical war on drugs, its only a matter of time before cannabis is legal—both medically and recreationally—in America and beyond.

It has been talked about countless times before, but it bears repeating these annual fatality rates (stats below are from 2007) that have become a nasty necessity in this fight to re-legalize a plant:

Motor Vehicle Crashes: 43,945

Accidental Poisoning: 29,846

Alcohol Induced (Not Including Deaths from Drunk Driving): 23,199

Homicide: 18,361

Cannabis (Marijuana): 0

Look at the facts.

Become educated on cannabis before arguing against it’s crystal clear medicinal value.

And above all else, don’t be afraid to stand up for your God-given right to choose a safer and natural alternative in cannabis.

One day, the world will wake up.

Until then, keep on fighting cannabis community; keep on fighting…


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