From Pot Head Patriot Games to Seventeen Slander, Cannabis Chaos Out Of Control

From Pot Head Patriot Games to Seventeen Slander, Cannabis Chaos Out Of Control

By Denton Ramsey

Making me speechless is really nothing new when it comes to Seventeen magazine, and the BS they shovel out on a consistent basis.

What is new is the fact that Seventeen’s latest slander revolves around the use of cannabis.

According to a story in the latest issue of the mag, cannabis use can make you fat and ugly.


Say it with me now: REEFER MADNESS.

It’s sad enough that Seventeen slams the looks of already beautiful women on a daily basis.

But this takes the bull shiz gold.

In other reefer madness news, its appears as though individuals attempting to smuggle a small amount of cannabis to an inmate will now be treated as terrorists.

Let’s just call it pot head patriot games.

In a story published in Tuscaloosa News, a woman attempting to sneak cannabis to an inmate fled to a vehicle that attempted to leave the jail; the result was heavy use of armed forces surrounding the car.

Even then, the woman refused to open the doors as a SWAT team surrounded her vehicle, eventually arresting the suspect.

All this chaos and over-use and abuse of law enforcement over a small bag of cannabis?

Give me a break!

I thought Seventeen had bolted with the reefer madness gold, but the cannabis chaos in Alabama made it a pretty tight race to the finish with the Tuscaloosa news taking this week’s silver medal.

When will we learn, ladies and gentlemen, that the lies and government slander over this plant will not end until cannabis is fully legalized?

Sixteen states in America have taken steps in the right direction.

Now it’s time for this country, and the rest of the world, to follow suit…


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