Episode 24 of CannaTruths (Farewell NORML Network) Now Available

Episode 24 of “CannaTruths: Facts About the Plant” is now available on both iTunes and online.

In addition, here are the show notes (with links to stories, videos, and songs) for today’s episode:

Intro Song: Bob Marley, “Smoke Two Joints” (YouTube)

White Widow

The End of the NORML Network

The Anti-Science Streak in Federal Cannabis Policy

Colorado House Passes Bill on Cannabis DUIs

Developing: Authorities Bust Fontana Medical Cannabis Facility

Gilligans Smoke N Stuff (Waco, Texas)

Medical Cannabis Rules Going Before City of Jackson Panel

Maurice Hinchey to Fight Medical Cannabis Raids

Supporters Rally to Legalize Cannabis

Romney Incorrectly Insists Cannabis is “Gateway Drug”

Outro Song: Cypress Hill, “Hits From Da Bong” (YouTube Video)

Thank you again for listening. CannaTruths is recorded every Tuesday.

Also, you can follow the show on Twitter @CannaTruths and find the podcast on Facebook.

Questions, comments, or stories to share? Email CannaTruths@gmail.com or call and leave a voice mail at 254.307.2812.


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