Brookshire Brothers: Keeping Texas Grocery Stores Cannabis-Free For Over 10 Years

Brookshire Brothers: Keeping Texas Grocery Stores Cannabis-Free For Over 10 Years

By Denton Ramsey

Guess what, America?

We owe a lot of thanks to stores like Texas’ Brookshire Brothers.

Thanks to places like Brookshires, states such as Texas are keeping local grocery stores free of cannabis users by running pre-employment hair tests on all employees.

Thank God; God bless America.

Are you kidding me? Hair testing to work part-time at a grocery store?

Gotta love the Lone Star State!

Then again, this goes beyond Texas politics; it’s about Brookshires corporate culture.

First and foremost, hair tests are a complete violation of privacy.

I’ve worked over 10 jobs in my life and have never been hair tested; in fact, I’ve only had two friends ever get hair tested for a job: one working at a hospital, and another working for the federal government.

From Brookshires point of view, they are keeping the world safe by not allowing cannabis users to work as baggers or cashiers at their grocery stores.


Hair testing is much more expensive than urine tests; hence the price increase on Brookshires products?

Based on minimal research, Brookshires has been using hair tests for pre-employment since at least 2002.

According to a 2004 online posting, Brookshires believes they have less turnover because of their more rigorous drug screening.

And from “oral intercept” to urine to hair, Brookshires has been violating employee rights for over 10 years and counting.

Secondly, cannabis users are unfairly judged due to the amount of time THC remains in one’s system.

It’s perfectly fine to come to work on your daily Adderall and Xanex, but don’t you dare smoke cannabis.

Seriously? People using cocaine can pass a urine test just days after use, while cannabis remains in urine for 30-plus days.

No wonder America is a drug-addicted society; our country is mainly prescription-drug addicted, but the point remains the same.

Conclusion: Brookshire Brothers unfairly discriminates against cannabis users. Fact.

Sure, it boils down to a business decision; and it’s obvious Brookshires is not a fan of cannabis.

But I am sometimes shocked by things that occur in this country; as I was yesterday upon going through an interview process at Brookshire Brothers, only to be told I needed to come in this weekend for a hair-follicle test.

I won’t be there.

If you want a job at Brookshires, make sure you stick to the legal drugs in this country: pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and tobacco.

Amazing that the “legal” drugs kill thousands every year.

Deaths from cannabis? Remains zero and has been zero since the beginning of time.

When will America wake up to REALITY?

Current cannabis users are discriminated against almost as much as African Americans living in the South in the 1950s.

Rasmussen polls prove a majority of this country is waking up to the reality of the plant.

Now it’s time to push this knowledge towards the politicians and end this pathetic and failed war on drugs.

Denton Ramsey may be reached via email at


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One response to “Brookshire Brothers: Keeping Texas Grocery Stores Cannabis-Free For Over 10 Years

  1. Chad H

    Pretty biased article. If a company wants to use these hiring processes, it is there business to do so. If you don’t like it, don’t work there. And as far as someone coming to work on adderall, I have no problem if they have a prescription. Even though I cannabis is much safer than all of the other drugs you have listed, if I was the owner, I would prefer they not come to work high. No problem with it after work.


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