How do cannabis consumers justify their breaking of the law?

One “got ya” question often posed to those in the cannabis community is something along the lines of: Why do you encourage people to break the law, which by extension feeds the drug cartels and enables mass murder to the south of our border?

This question was most recently posed by a reporter at the Texas Marijuana March held in Austin, Tx who later ran a hit piece using this question as a springboard, equating cannabis consumers to lawless heathens who do not care about others dieing so that they can get their high.

So how do cannabis consumers reconcile the fact that they are indeed breaking the law and are advocating that others do the same? Also, are cannabis consumers responsible for the actions of the drug cartels south of the border?

To answer the first question, we must ask another. Is it ever acceptable to break a law? Surely we advocate a person driving a loved one to the hospital to break the speed limit laws? Of course that’s potentially a life or death situation and can’t be compared to the consumption of a drug, can it?

Cannabis has been shown to have pain relieving effects, and even the federal government holds a patent on the plant for this reason. A person breaking the law to consume cannabis as a medicine typically isn’t doing so in a life or death situation, however they are clearly improving the quality of their life far surer through the use of cannabis rather than an opiate based medicine, which is highly addictive and toxic. Those who use opiates rather than cannabis tend to have very poor quality of life, and any person who has had to endure pain and the use of these medications can attest to the horribleness of such a situation.

What about those that consume cannabis simply because they want to though? What justification could these people have for breaking the law? Well, are they harming anyone with their actions? In many cases the answer is decidedly no. If a person’s actions does not physically harm or defraud anyone, then the question is, why should this action be illegal for an adult in the first place? As Martin Luther King Jr once stated, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

Of course it could then be argued that the actions of cannabis consumers are indeed harming people because of the revenues from drug money feeding the cartels.

This moves us to the two tiers of cannabis consumers. The first tier being those who purchase cannabis from people growing in their local community or grow it themselves, a product of high quality that is grown without violence, turf wars, and bloodshed; not to mention without all of the dangerous pesticides since the majority of this cannabis is grown indoors. These people have harmed no one, either directly or indirectly, so much as they cause indirect harm by spending money at a local business with an unsavory owner.

The second tier of cannabis consumers are those who purchase, to put it bluntly, shit weed from dealers who are often involved in organized crime and ultimately have ties that lead directly into the heart of the drug cartels. The people who purchase this product are indeed helping to fund violence, turf wars, and bloodshed; some of this being in their own communities, the rest south of the border. Are these people to blame for all of the misery being caused by the current state of the drug trade? It’s a hard pill to swallow, but yes, these people are a part of the problem. By purchasing this product, a person is actively encouraging this form of business, whether they realize it or not. Every dollar spent is a vote for the world you want.

Considering that before federal and state prohibition laws were put into place, this issue with the drug cartels and local criminal organizations did not exist. All one has to do to see this is to look back upon the brief period during the prohibition of alcohol, which gave rise to violence, turf wars, and bloodshed and ultimately helped fund other criminal operations. Once alcohol was re-legalized, these problems began to disappear. It is obvious that prohibition and those who support it are largely responsible for these problems, as they would be nearly non-existent without prohibition.

Also worth mentioning is this K2 stuff that people are dubbing “synthetic marijuana” when in reality it has no relation to it. It is merely some dried herbs with some chemicals sprayed on them. Absolutely one should advocate that a person consume cannabis, which is impossible to die from, rather than have people smoke this unsafe substance known as K2, spice, incense, whatever.

The prohibition of cannabis is a prime example of an “unjust law” and since it is obvious that the usage of cannabis is not going away, we can do nothing but good for society by re-legalizing this non-toxic plant and introducing it to the economy so that we may fully shut out the criminal organizations that currently profit from its prohibition, while also benefiting everyone else through quality control and added economic production, which ultimately means more jobs.

By: Stephen Carter


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