Anti-cannabis crusader arrested for possession

Hypocrisy rules the roost in politics.

This time we’ve got New York State Assemblyman Steve Katz, a person who voted against medical marijuana and serves on drug committees.

He was cruising along down the highway doing 80 in a 65 mph zone and was pulled over for speeding. Low and behold, he had a small bag of cannabis in his possession which prompted his arrest.

A majority of Americans want to see the plant legalized, yet we’ve got people like this obstructing the efforts, all the while consuming the plant themselves.

One can bet that since he is in a position of power, he won’t feel the full brunt of the law, unlike everyone else who gets popped.

One word of advice Mr. Katz, possessing cannabis is fine and all, you’re not harming anyone by doing so, but never do two illegal things at one time. Might I also suggest switching sides and fighting for your own rights as well.

Get the whole story here.


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