NYPD wastes a million hours busting cannabis consumers over past decade

According a report compiled by The Drug Policy Alliance and the Marijuana Arrest Research Project, the NYPD wasted a million hours and who knows how much tax payer money on arresting over 440,000 people for possessing cannabis over the past decade.

That’s almost half a million people who will be harmed, not by their consumption of the non-toxic plant, but because of bad laws being enforced by people who would rather spend their time messing with non-violent people instead of focusing their energy on much more important things.

Of course it helps that it makes it look like they’re actually doing something and all of the civil asset forfeiture that helps pad their budget. One has to wonder how much money was wasted on paperwork for this, not to mention the burden put on the already clogged judicial system.

How many hours of productivity were taken away because people had to deal with this unjust mess?

You could blame the people and simply say that they shouldn’t have broken the law, but the simple fact is the law shouldn’t be there and we shouldn’t limit our own rights because of bad laws. It harms absolutely no one when someone consumes cannabis and any violent crime caused by the growing and distribution of it is solely due to the illegality of the plant.

The past three presidents have admitted to consuming the plant, the only difference is they didn’t get caught. Many successful business owners and athletes consume cannabis, not that it really matters anyways. It just goes to show that consuming cannabis indicates nothing bad; the only bad thing about it is getting caught.

We’re at a point where people who are openly against its legalization are being caught for possession.

How does it help anyone who truly does have problems to throw them in jail anyways?

This is one war, of many, that needs to end.


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