7 Reasons why ending marijuana prohibition would help society

Cannabis, which is the scientific term for marijuana, is a flowering plant which has been used as medicine and for recreational purposes for thousands of years and likely longer.

This plant has been illegal in the United States since 1937, all due to massive propaganda campaigns backed by junk science which has been well refuted.

Out of all the issues we can most easily affect in a positive way, it is the legalization of cannabis that gives us a beacon of hope in an otherwise politically deadlocked world. This is an issue in which a majority agree that cannabis should not be illegal and it presents a great opportunity to work together to achieve some common political good.

Here are 7 reasons why cannabis legalization would make a positive impact on society:

Patients get their medicine.

Cannabis has been shown to have a myriad of positive effects when it comes to medical use. It works well as a pain reliever, is an appetite stimulant and has multiple other uses. Promising studies indicate it could even be a cancer fighter.

Pills tear up the body’s organs while cannabis does not. It is impossible to die from consuming cannabis; the same can’t be said for many prescription drugs. Legalization would help a great many people obtain much needed medicine.

Less people in jail.

The fewer people we have in jail, the less money has to be spent on housing, feeding and securing inmates. This also decreases the likelihood of people picking up bad habits from others who are in prison for theft or violence. Less money spent here means more money for more productive uses of taxpayer funds or lower taxes for people in general. It also helps clear up our already overburdened judicial system by lessening the strain on the courts and allowing police officers to focus their efforts on other issues.

More productive people in the economy.

Since people aren’t sitting in jail or spending their time dealing with the judicial system or being held back by a criminal record, they are free to be more productive economically. Imagine the potential that people could reach and the good they could do for others if they aren’t being held back by a record for simple possession or the lost time spent in prison.

People who genuinely need help will go to rehab instead.

There’s always going to be people out there who are addicts and no matter what they are addicted to, it ruins their lives and makes the people around them miserable. Sending them to jail doesn’t fix the problem in the least bit. Legalization paves the way for people who have real addiction problems to get the help they need at rehab.

Reduce income for unsavory drug dealers.

Through prohibition we force cannabis to be sold on the black market. The risks associated with growing and distributing the plant make for an artificially high price and exorbitant profits, making it very lucrative for drug dealers, especially gangs and cartels, to make money to finance their operations. By legalizing it we take the money out of the hands of unsavory people and instead create an economic positive for those selling the plant legally.

Reduce violence associated with prohibition.

As we saw with the prohibition of alcohol, it caused turf wars and much violence which took a lot of innocent lives and turned areas into war zones.

When we ended prohibition, alcohol related violence dropped drastically. Notice we don’t have beer delivery drivers shooting at each other. It’s also curious that we needed an amendment to the constitution to make alcohol illegal, but not cannabis.

Hemp gets legalized too.

Hemp is similar to cannabis, the primary difference being that it has such a low THC content, that it is impossible to get “high” from consuming it. Hemp has many valuable uses in textiles, fuels and agriculture. It can also be grown just about anywhere and uses very little land while aerating the soil, making the plant excellent for crop rotation. Hemp is illegal because of its association with cannabis.

These are just a few of the ways that legalization would help our society. The economic growth that would be experienced is really unimaginable as people fill the jobs created by the new industry.

We would also be able rest a little easier knowing that someone isn’t having to endure legal hardship because of the possession of a plant.



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2 responses to “7 Reasons why ending marijuana prohibition would help society

  1. I would argue that cannabis is illegal because of its association with hemp, not the other way as stated in the article. The primary drivers of making cannabis illegal were wood paper manufactures (William Randolf Hurst) and the nylon creator (DuPont).


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