Episode 42: CannaTruths (Rushing Into A Texas November)

Episode 42 of “CannaTruths: Facts About the Plant” is now available on both iTunes and PodOmatic.

About the show

CannaTruths Episode 42 – Rushing Into A Texas November

CannaTruths is a Texas based podcast about the industry, culture, history, science, and news of cannabis by Denton Ramsey and Stephen Carter.

In episode 42 of CannaTruths, hosts Denton Ramsey and Stephen Carter touch on quite a few news stories involving recent developments in cannabis law reform for Texas and around the US, and share personal stories about their cannabis-related experiences.

Intro – It’s 420 Somewhere
By: Chief Greenbud

Welcome to CannaTruths…

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013

Subscribe to us on Podomatic at cannatruths.podomatic.com or on iTunes. We air several times a week on 420Radio.org and show notes can be found at cannatruths.com

You can also follow the show on Twitter @CannaTruths and find us on Facebook. Questions, comments, or story ideas? Email CannaTruths@gmail.com or call and leave a voice mail at 254.307.2812 and we’ll be happy to consider playing it on the show. (voicemails cannot exceed three minutes)

It’s election day!

DFW NORML Halloween Party and Poker Tournament

NORML of Waco Halloween Party

Robinson Raid

Interview with Clif Deuvall

Being high at work

Science Segment sponsored by Rhino Seeds, cannabis seeds delivered discretely.

Study: Marijuana Compounds Can Kill Some Cancer Cells

Drug dog attacks student during mock search

Babysitter high on pot when 5-year-old shoots self

Final Thoughts sponsored by Tribune Herald

Shoutout to Weeducated in Arizona

Texas Cannabis Report

Outro – Burn One Down
Cover by: Jenn Morin


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