Episode 46: CannaTruths (Happy St Patricks Day)

Episode 46 of “CannaTruths: Facts About the Plant” is now available on both iTunes and PodOmatic.

About the show

CannaTruths Episode 46 – Happy St Patricks Day

CannaTruths is a Texas based podcast about the industry, culture, history, science, and news of cannabis, and was created by and is hosted by Denton Ramsey.

In episode 46 of CannaTruths, host Denton Ramsey discusses cannabis related news and events, with guests “The Captain” and “Kit Carnage” joining Ramsey in the studio.

Subscribe to the show on Podomatic at cannatruths.podomatic.com or on iTunes. Show notes can be found at cannatruths.com

You can also follow the show on Twitter @CannaTruths and find us on Facebook.

Questions, comments, or story ideas? Email CannaTruths@gmail.com or call and leave a voice mail at 254.307.2812 and we’ll be happy to consider playing it on the show (voicemails cannot exceed three minutes).

CannaTruths is currently downloaded and listened to in over 40 countries. For advertising rates, email CannaTruths@gmail.com.


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One response to “Episode 46: CannaTruths (Happy St Patricks Day)

  1. Apparently, CHRIS WHITE is just another slrineandg idiot who is trying pathetically to get his own agenda and fifteen minutes of lame internet fame because he got traumatized by a simple account suspension, boo hoo! First off, any real truth seeker denies conformity to the establishment on all levels including any Fair Use laws devised by yo big bro and sis. There’s no if’s and maybe’s when it comes to choosing sides between a life under tyranny and individualistic anarchal freedom; its either a yes or no hypocrite. From what I understand of Michael is that he has all the right to his works because that’s his research, time, and energy spent on making whatever his passions are White’s dumbass is merely another collectivist taking other people’s works and intentfully using it to satiate their own conflicted pysche and ego! Self reflected character analyzation my term for sheeple morons like White who upholds all his (her? The internet is plagued with decietful people and I’m not sure at this point nor do I want to edit,ahem) angst over a mere simple account suspension because he\her uploaded material not within their copyright or copywrite to do so. Pathetic and infantile.Mr. White, please do white your self out of existence asap. Darwinian candidates such as you are just a mere spec of hindrance to the real muthafucking self truth seekers!


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