NFL suspends handful of players for marijuana use

Marijuana in the NFL is a very hot topic right now.

And rightfully so.

With numerous player suspensions looming due to weed, it’s a given that talk shows and sports analysts are discussing the topic.

But the league’s current decision to kick out a handful of elite athletes over using a substance proven to be safer than many legal alternatives is absurd.

From Josh Gordon to Will Hill to Daryl Washington, the number of suspensions over marijuana continue getting higher — resulting in losing players for half to an entire football season.

The pretty side of this ugly debacle is that more and more people in America are waking up to facts about the plant.

Facts such as how cannabis helps with numerous ailments and how the plant is relatively safe.

Many athletes take care of their bodies and would prefer a safer substance to relax and take away pains from the game.

That substance happens to be marijuana, and it’s definitely safer than the legal alternative in alcohol.

Thankfully, the league is looking into changing the NFL policy regarding marijuana.

The grass may not always be greener on the other side, but in this case that appears to be the case.

Time to burn down the old rules and roll up a new one.

It’s only a weed.

Denton Ramsey, a cannabis columnist and activist for many years, hosts a podcast called CannaTruths (available for free on iTunes) and may be reached via email at


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