Episode 48 of CannaTruths (Weeding Out Old Rules) now available

Episode 48 of “CannaTruths: Facts About the Plant” is now available on both iTunes and PodOmatic.

CannaTruths Episode 48 – Weeding Out Old Rules

CannaTruths is a Texas-based podcast about the industry, culture, history, science, and news of cannabis, and was created by and is hosted by Denton Ramsey.

In episode 48 of CannaTruths, host Denton Ramsey discusses cannabis related news and events, with Stephen Carter joining Ramsey in the studio.

The guest musician for today’s podcast is Alligator Dave.

Subscribe to the show on Podomatic at cannatruths.podomatic.com or on iTunes.

The podcast is also now available via 420 Radio.

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Intro Song: Alligator Dave, Amerijuana

CannaTruths podcast slated to return to 420 Radio network

Texas Cannabis Report set to launch on 420 Radio network

MLB: Rangers catcher arrested for marijuana possession

QB Nick Marshall cited for marijuana

Legally NORML highlights June meeting for NORML of Waco Inc.

Guest Interview: CC Castaneda / Central Texas NORML Alliance

Baylor dismisses Robbie Rhodes

Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon arrested for DWI

Weeding out old rules: NFL right on track with recommended marijuana changes

San Antonio cop chokes teen, slams face into ground over a joint

American Academy of Ophthamology: Marijuana is not a proven treatment for glaucoma

Opiate prescription rates tend to be lower in medical marijuana states

Outro Song: Alligator Dave, The Stoned Avengers


Questions, comments, or story ideas? Email CannaTruths@gmail.com or call and leave a voice mail at 254.307.2812 and we’ll be happy to consider playing it on the show (voicemails cannot exceed three minutes).

CannaTruths is currently downloaded and listened to in over 40 countries. For advertising rates, email CannaTruths@gmail.com.




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One response to “Episode 48 of CannaTruths (Weeding Out Old Rules) now available

  1. dave

    your web site is unorganized. You were talking about so-called ‘stoner movies’. I am not a stoner, but have smoked DOPE for 50 years, and I know you don’t like that word either, it’s your problem. I have never watched any of your so-called stoner movies, I don’t pay to watch Hollywood movies that enrich a bunch of prohibitionists. When say people are not with it that don’t pay-off Hollywood, it shows you are full of shit.


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