CannaTruths is your premier source for cannabis related news and events, around the United States and across the world.

Offering live broadcasts, podcasts, news, interviews, columns, and commentary, this Texas-based show strives to both educate and entertain using a combination of honest perspectives and factual insights about cannabis — from local and world news, to music and sports, to books, movies, and more — separating reefer reality from propaganda fantasy.

Denton Ramsey
A writer for nearly 20 years and a passionate cannabis activist, Ramsey created CannaTruths on a chilly winter day in Waco, Texas — planting the show’s first seeds with the pilot episode on December 21, 2011.

Today, the show is now a live video broadcast on YouTube (in addition to being available in the popular podcast format on iTunes), and has been downloaded in over 40 countries — with the US garnering the highest audience.

Ramsey’s canna columns have appeared on programs such as NORML Show Live, John Doe Radio, and Hotbox Podcast, along with a plethora of pro-cannabis publications, shows, and websites — from ISMOKE Magazine to 420 Radio.

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