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REEFER REALM: Medical Cannabis Now Legal in Ohio, But Hurdles Remain

With Ohio’s September 8 deadline — for medical cannabis operations to be fully up and running — quickly approaching, many hurdles remain despite the legality of the plant in the Buckeye State.

So what’s next?

“I’ll be very surprised if the state of Ohio has medical marijuana by the end of the year,” Releaf CEO Randall Smith recently told the Cleveland Plain Courier.

However, many disagree that a stall to the program’s start will occur — including local Cincinnati patient advocate Nicole Scholten.

“A solution that does not put patients as a priority is unacceptable,” Scholten said. “No to a halt — or a pause.”

Attorney Heather Stutz, who is defending the state’s department in a lawsuit involving Releaf and others who claimed Ohio’s growers license applications process is flawed, concurs.

“The cultivators are the first step in the process,” Stutz said.

There are currently 12 licences that have been provisionally granted to medical marijuana growing operations in Ohio, and that number could potentially increase — if flaws are found in the acceptance program and following the implementation of medical marijuana, which is still slated for September 8.

At this time, and with less than four months until the deadline, no dispensary licenses have been awarded.

But Stutz and others firmly believe the medical cannabis program in Ohio will still proceed as planned.

In related news and on a highly positive note, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine approved a petition to legalize recreational marijuana to adults 21 and over on Thursday, May 10.

According to the Cleveland Plain Courier, DeWine certified that the petition language for the “Marijuana Rights and Regulations” amendment is a “fair and truthful” summary of the proposed measure.

The petition now moves on to the Ohio Ballot Board to determine whether the measure is one or multiple ballot issues.

Once approved, advocates will still have their hands full — needing to accumulate at least 305,591 signatures of registered Ohio voters to put the issue on the ballot.

The proposed recreational marijuana initiative will not interfere with the state’s medical program, and although advocates wish the ballot could be voted on sooner, they are aiming for the 2019 election in November.

“This is unfortunate, because people are being arrested daily for activity that simply shouldn’t be criminal, only to support a black-market system,” Ohio Families for Change spokesman Jonathan Varner said in an email to the Plain Courier. “We’re confident that when voters have the opportunity to vote on this issue, they will overwhelmingly approve it.”

Denton Ramsey may be reached via email at


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Weed World: CannaTruths Podcast Returns for 2018 Relaunch

PRESS RELEASE (05/01/2018)

Following a fairly-long, two-year show hiatus, CannaTruths officially returned to the airwaves on Tuesday, April 24, 2018, with episode 55 of the podcast — entitled “Ohio Floyd Forever,” which is available now on iTunes, Podomatic and YouTube.

The podcast relaunch for 2018 also finds host Denton Ramsey in a new state, as the show is now broadcast live from Ohio.

“I’m excited to be back on the air,” Ramsey said. “I know it’s been a couple years, but the passion and goal remain the same: to educate people on the plant and to RE-legalize cannabis in this country.”

For Ramsey, the two-year break has been filled with major growth — both personally and professionally.

“It’s not about me,” Ramsey said. “It’s about the message and always has been. What it boils down to is it’s all about the love.”

CannaTruths, formed and founded in a small apartment bedroom in Waco, Texas in December of 2011, is now on the brink of turning six and a half years old this summer — with episode 56 of the show slated to be broadcast in early May.

Follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, Pinterest, Podomatic, Soundcloud, Spotify (coming soon), Tumblr, WordPress and YouTube.

Contact Ramsey via email for story ideas or advertising rates at


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CannaTruths Revamp Rolls On: Updated Sights, Sounds Begin To Sprout Throughout Social Media Circles

Depending on how closely you pay attention to the pages, websites, apps, and sounds associated with CannaTruths, you have likely noticed some new and improved changes through the social media streams for the show.

And even more visual updates and creative makeovers are in store as the CannaTruths revamp rolls on.

One significant (and much-needed) update to the official website now correctly lists and links all archived episode of the program under the main tab’s “Episode Guide,” from the pilot podcast in December 2011 to the latest broadcast uploaded in April 2016.

In addition to the WordPress changes, the show’s traditional PodOmatic profile and all-new YouTube channel have also been updated and improved, including brand new social media buttons and up-to-date links and information (Episode 54, which did not upload at the original time of recording due to technical difficulties, is also now available as a free download — and will do so automatically once subscribed to the show — through the official iTunes Store.

Both the Facebook and Twitter pages for CannaTruths have seen some changes as well, and the broadcast is also available for follows and interaction though the program’s Instagram page.

As with many construction sites, major changes can often take quite a bit of time to occur.

But with time, perception becomes reality when the job is complete and the crew moves on to the next job site.

The same rings true with CannaTruths and the show’s plethora of social media pages, profiles, apps, and more.

Stay tuned, folks; there are even MORE changes and EPIC improvements on the horizon.

And keep your eyes and ears peeled: the program will soon be returning to the podcast airwaves and YouTube live streams in the very near future.

Until we speak again, thank you as always for all the love and support — catch you guys soon…

Denton Ramsey may be reached via email at

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CANNA COLUMN: Simply Said, What’s Next?

By Denton Ramsey

A little under four and a half years ago, this crazy little thing called #CannaTruths — starting as a seed in the soil of ending the war on weed and propaganda-filled prohibition of drugs , and more specifically, the war on American citizens who are judged and jailed due to simply showing support for or using (as a medicine, for recreation, or a combination of the two) a miracle plant that has been here since the beginning of time — began to grow.

And as of 4:20 p.m. Central Time in Central Texas on this 30th day of March 2016, the complete RE-legalization [check your facts if y’all are confused] of the plant has yet to occur (for further educational material on flushing facts from fiction, click here for a column on the subject from the #CannaTruths website.

But there’s hope on the horizon.

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6 Responses to Colorado Summary on Marijuana Health Effects

High Times recently published some of the findings concerning Colorado’s summary on marijuana health effects.

I’d like to address those six points below and point out some things we all should keep in mind. Continue reading

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Episode 48 of CannaTruths (Weeding Out Old Rules) now available

Episode 48 of “CannaTruths: Facts About the Plant” is now available on both iTunes and PodOmatic.

CannaTruths Episode 48 – Weeding Out Old Rules

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Legally NORML highlights June meeting for NORML of Waco Inc.

NORML of Waco Inc. held it’s monthly meeting on Saturday, June 14, at Comfort Inn and Suites, with roughly 30 people attending the event.

Highlights included a presentation by Legally NORML, along with speakers such as NORML of Waco Inc. founder Clif Deuvall and Texas Cannabis Report founder Stephen Carter.

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